Water Heater Reviews – Helpful Guides and Tips

There are many different kinds of hot water heater systems available, just as there are a lot of different companies selling them. There are companies out there that have been in business for years, while others haven’t been around as long. Rather than saying that one company is better than another, it is a good idea to let you know what kinds of products are available, what their pros and cons are, and you can decide for yourself which one is right for your needs.

Each company has their own features as well as prices, and you can find out which is right by doing some comparison shopping on your own.Water Heater System

Water Heater System – Guides and Tips

There are three methods of water heating. One of them is natural gas or propane, depending on where you live. There is also electric heating, as well as solar power. Gas and propane are going to be the fastest way to heat up water because of their direct firing heating system. However, there are some things that you need to know about gas and propane. They use combustion to provide heat, so they need adequate ventilation. They also contribute to toxic emissions to the environment.

Electric Water Heater

The electric water heater uses a heating coil to heat up the water. The element becomes hot by the use of electricity. While the electric hot water heaters don’t have the same emission problems as gas, they are much slower to heat up the water. It, therefore, takes longer for the water to get to the desired heated temperature and to stay hot. While most people think that the electric powered hot water heater is the most efficient, this is not always true.Electric Water Heater System

Solar Water Heaters

Then you have solar powered heaters. This can mean either solar panels that provide electric current or direct water heating, by using panels that have water running through them to heat up the water. Depending on where you live, you can have hot water all the time, and because the water circulates through the system rapidly, temperatures can be as high as using other conventional methods.Solor Water Heater System

What About A Tankless Water Heater?

So now you know what different power sources are used for water heaters, it is time to understand the different systems. One of them is the tank water heater. This type of water heating systems uses a large tank to heat up the water for your home. They come in different sizes, from 25-100 gallons on average. The water is heated to the desired temperature and kept that way, even if you aren’t actually using hot water.

While these types of hot water heaters are common in many households, and can be very energy efficient, the fact that they have to keep a tank of water hot even when not in use make them somewhat impractical in this day and age when there are so many concerns over saving money on utility bills. They are also very large and bulky taking up a lot of space.

Tankless water heaters or inline water heaters have now become a more economical option for many households. Instead of keeping a large tank of water hot, these heaters use a series of coils to heat water. When you turn the hot water on, a sensor turns on the heat, heating the water as it flows through the unit.Tankless Water Heater

The result is an endless supply of hot water, when and where you want it. Once you turn off the hot water, the heater turns off. These heaters use less water, as well as energy in the long run. Because there is no tank, they can be much smaller than conventional tanks, take up less space, and can fit into areas that no tank heater can, such as under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom, wherever you need hot water.

These tankless hot water heaters are not infallible, though. The tankless hot water heater can take longer to heat up the water, depending on whether they are gas or electric, and are limited in their capacity. They are great for one or two applications at a time, like if you are taking the shower or a bath, then running a washer.

If you need to run two or more applications at a time, the water simply isn’t going to be as hot. However, because of the low cost of some of these units, you can buy two tankless water heaters for more applications.

A Solar hot water heater is usually mounted on the roof. As the water passes through special solar collectors, it heats up and starts to circulate through the tank and the system. The hotter the water gets, the faster the flow and some of these heaters can heat water to boiling point.

As you use the water, more cold water is introduced, slowing down the circulation, but this doesn’t last that long. The drawback is that these solar water heating systems are best in hotter climates, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and the other Southern States. Read Best WaterHeaterReviewer

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